Welcome to Golden Acres Michigan.



BREEDING UPDATE: By June 1st, we ought to know if we have BABIES coming which would then be due sometime near the first part of July, to be going home near the end of August! Y’all, we might have true FIREWORKS at Golden Acres!!! Stay tuned for more updates as we know more….

It’s not too early to think SUMMER!! Call us today (517) 423-3004 to make boarding reservations for SUMMER vacations for your fur babies.

Woo-hoo! “Ditto” passed all of her health checks with flying colors, so she is one step closer to being a mama!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Golden Acres now can offer STUD SERVICE. Call for more information on this Grand addition to our program.

Ditto, Ember and Ocho
Luna, Ribbon and Page Golden Retrievers
Luna, Ribbon and Page

The story behind Golden Acres is a neat one which began in 1988 when my husband l and I moved from our first apartment in Saline to our first home together in Tecumseh, Michigan.

We had looked at many homes and finally found one that caught our eye. It was a humble existence on a small parcel of land that was bordered on 3 sides by a wheat field.

It was the late summer months when we moved into a homestead so the fields were a golden color. I remember resting outside one evening and looking out amongst the fields and commenting on the “Golden Acres”, thus naming our farm. The name has stuck ever since.

Ribbon and Page Golden Retrievers
Ribbon and Page

Soon after moving into our home we decided it was time for a dog and with being a vet technician I had my mind set on getting a golden retriever and potentially breeding. That is when the adventure began.