Golden Acres Michigan


At Golden Acres, we believe it is best that owners bring along the pets’ regular diets that they are always fed versus change and possibly upset the digestive system. I believe that it is enough of a change for them being boarded and having someone other than “Mom and Dad” taking care of them.

Anne and a Happy Boarder

Anne and a Happy Boarder


We do provide the dishes: fresh water is available 2+ times daily. Meals are served twice daily, morning and evening. Any medication needed will be given as directed. A minimal charge will be added for meds given.

We always mention to bring comforts from home. Toys, treats, chewies or the shirt off of your back that you sweat profusely in the day before are all welcome to stay with your pet and make it feel more at home in it’s “away from home” stay.

While your pet is at “camp”, we offer other options for his or her visiting pleasure. We offer group play sessions on our 3 acre enclosure, total grooming services, exit baths, or even just a basic toenail trim to keep the clicking on the hardwood floors to a minimum once home again.

We strive to make your pets stay with us as happy and comfortable as possible.

Trust me-a happy boarder is a happy kennel and a happy kennel is a happy ME and Staff. One bad apple can spoil the entire barrel.