Golden Acres Michigan


I am a very conscientious and careful breeder. I do it as my hobby because I love the breed, hope to always better the breed and create a wonderful family member to grace others as I have been graced.










My foundation bitch lived 17 years and her daughter lived to 14 years so I should only wish and hope the same for every pup that leaves this premise as they all have the same genetics.

They were without any notable arthritis even until their last days and were, as you could say in the horse world, “easy-keepers” as they didn’t require medication for any ailments along the way. They were eating great and still wagging their tails until the end.

I know that good care and careful breeding and management play a very important part. Before breeding a pair, we take a careful look at the hips  and elbows of the dogs, getting an OFA rating that is acceptable. We also get eye and heart certifications as well. We have bred out to dogs that have had all their certifications as well. We try to cover all of the tracks to prevent problems so you don’t have problems with your pup.

I am very proud of the achievements that I have made with my excellent reputation as a breeder of golden retrievers. I am conscientious in my breeding program always trying to prevent problems later through careful and select breeding.

I am also cautious in the placement of my puppies making sure that they go to good,loving homes. I strive to educate interested individuals about the breed and their potential problems and in the careful choosing of not only the right puppy but also the right breeder, even if it is not I.

Golden Acres puppy, Maizy, doing her thing!



I take pride in all my Goldens. They are my four legged children that live as family members in our home. I love the breed and I love my involvement with them. I breed family and companion dogs and have had many that have gone to homes for competitive obedience, agility as well as therapy and service dogs. I breed affordable quality!