Some of our rates have changed, new rates effective April 15, 2021.

 Payment terms are 

cash or check only, 

due at the time of pickup.


Kennel Hours

Pets may be brought for boarding or picked up during the following hours:

          MONDAY through FRIDAY 7:00-9:00am and 4:00-6:00pm

          SATURDAY 7:00-9:00am

          SUNDAY 4:00-5:00pm

          (Other hours by APPOINTMENT ONLY!)

          The kennel is CLOSED for delivery and pick-ups on all major HOLIDAYS.

After hours pick-up fee: $35.00…There will be a $35.00 charge for after-hours pick-up or delivery of pets, except in the cases of emergencies, such as hospitalizations or a death in the family. Voicemail is checked regularly, so please leave a message.

Boarding rates

Charges are based on a 24 hour schedule and we do charge for ½ days. On stays of 2 days or less, you will be charged by-the-day. We do offer a professional discount for those staying for long-term boarding.


The dogs all get treated the same as for their care; the difference is the space available to them during their stay. The dogs all get walked 2x daily on a 26 foot flexi-lead on a 3 acre grass pasture. Additional outs available upon request for a minimal fee.  We allow them time to “poop-pee-play” and then we bring them in. They get fed twice per day with the recommended food/amount provided by owner or kennel. I do suggest bringing the dogs’ regular diet as not to upset the intestinal system.

Pens (6ft x 4ft x 8ft, some pens vary slightly):

1 dog: 25.00/day

2 dogs of the same family in one: 20.00/day/dog

3 dogs of the same family in one: 19.00/day/dog


Crates (48x30x34):

1 dog: 22.00/day


Geriatric guests: additional TLC fee of 10.00/day

Older boarders usually require “special” attention due to occasional accidents, changing of bedding, & needing extra time outs.


Puppies: additional TLC fee of 10.00/day

The additional fee of 10.00/day is added due to extra needs to maintain the potty training efforts. It is NOT advised to board  puppies younger than 5-6 months as their vaccinations are not complete up until that time frame as well as the ability to handle the stress of boarding.


Daycare needs: 27.00/day-crate and 30.00/day-pen. Please contact us for the details.

Play sessions “Runabouts”: 5.00/each time

The requirements for Runabouts are that the dog must be good with other animals and come to us when called upon on the 3 acre facility. These are WEATHER permitting.

Extra walks: 5.00/each time

We also offer extra walk sessions for those that do not wish to play or just need more time to potty or be outside to enjoy the fresh air. 




Improved Cat boarding! As seen in the “Tecumseh Herald”
Click here to read the article.

We offer a separate room made especially for cats. It provides individual cubicles for the resident. The room has a viewing window with trees and birds outside for entertainment throughout the day. A cat tree in the room allows comfortable perching so cats can just hang out and relax. Cat friendly music piped in adds to the atmosphere.

This room gives comfort to cats and their owners needing to leave their feline friends.

The charge includes a litter pan/litter/towel and food, unless provided by the owner (as cats can be finicky eaters). I use the granular litter BUT if your cat is fussy and you use the clumping style, I would suggest that you bring your own brand. I also want to mention that I do have a refrigerator in the kennel and those that feed a wet food, I can cap the remainder to be fed and keep it from spoilage until the next feeding.

Special Services

Toenails 20.00

Anals 25.00

Grooming services & EXIT baths with PREMIUM shampoos – Fee dependent on breed, can be discussed when setting up boarding reservations or at drop-off.

Pedro gets a bath
Pedro, all groomed up!
Special Needs

Injections 4.00 each

Miscellaneous special needs (ie. administering medications, special diets or treatments): please contact us prior to check-in to discuss an additional and appropriate fee.