Golden Acres Michigan


Golden Acres is a total indoor pet boarding facility designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. We provide boarding, grooming and exercising for your pet.

The kennel is heated and air conditioned, while music is played at all times for their listening enjoyment, as well as mine.


We offer either large crate or large pen housing options with individual walk sessions 2-4x daily out on a 26ft flexi lead.


The walk sessions are held in a 3 acre grassy pasture enclosure with a 5 ft high fence. This is also the area that we offer group play sessions. 



Keeping cool in the pool



The group play sessions are a very social event involving 2+ dogs, off lead playing ball, chasing each other, basking in the sun or laying around, or cooling off in the kiddie pool. 



Pets are fed according to owner’s instructions; fresh water always available.

Medications are given as needed and directed by an experienced staff of loving animal handlers and Vet tech.

Watchful eyes check health status and emotional needs of each guest daily.