Golden Acres Michigan


Vaccination requirements

In order to insure the health of all our guests, we REQUIRE that all pets be current on their vaccinations and stool checks. Veterinarian paperwork must be provided at the time of the pets’ arrival for boarding; this may be in the form of paper, or via text to 517-605-4933, or via email sent to [email protected].

These vaccinations should be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding, but not more often that once a year. Fecals need to be done at least 6 months prior to boarding and negative for any internal parasites.


Required vaccines: Rabies, DHLPPV (Distemper), Bordetella (Kennel cough), fecal (negative and current within 6 months prior to boarding). Also, CANINE INFLUENZA (FLU VACCINE) IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Required vaccines: Rabies, FVRCP (Distemper), fecal (negative and current within 6 months prior to boarding)

In addition…

All pets are advised to be on a flea preventative (ie. Frontline or Advantage)
or an oral flea/tick preventative prior to their stay.

My philosophy is to prevent problems versus have to treat problems,
and I always hope to send your pet home in the same condition that it arrived.

Should your pet require veterinary attention during their stay, there will be a $45.00 fee
to transfer your companion to a Vet within the Tecumseh city limits.